#6 – Traditional Release


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St. Louis, October 10, 2015 – Zippy Shoe Company just announced their new line of shoes to hit stores this November. This new line called ZipFactor has increased comfort and support, and reduces impact on knees by 25%. Zippy Shoe Co. has created this new line based on the customer feedback they have received, designed just for the customer there will be 3 customizable designs. You can find its new and improved features here. This already successful company will be running a contest for customers to win the shoe before it comes out, more information can be found on the company’s contest page. The shoes will be available to everyone in select stores at the end of November, just in time for Black Friday.

From the twitter page: @ZippyShoeCo “Experience a new way to run #ZipFactor”


Blog #5

Zippy Shoe company is excited to announce our new line of shoes: ZIPFACTOR.

Here at Zippy we care about our customers and their needs, so we have taken the feedback to create this new line for our customers! We have increased comfort and support, and with the ZipFactor we reduced impact on knees by 25%. We understand that this is a common problem for runners and athletes, also for those who wear shoes leisurely, so we wanted to create something for everyone. We made it a little lighter without sacrificing comfort so you can move your feet faster without your shoes weighing you down. There are different designs you can choose from this line:

Extra Cushion – for the outdoor runner!

Extra Light Weight – for quick movements like aerobics!

Everyday Wear – for… you guessed it… everyday wear!

Tweet or Facebook which one you would choose and you can be entered to win a free pair!

Twitter: @ZippyShoes

Facebook: Zippy Shoe Co.

You can also comment below and let us know what you want to see in our next shoe!

Each shoe will come in multiple colors or you can customize them online and have them shipped to your house! The ZipFactor line will soon be coming to stores near you, so stay posted to find out where you can purchase them!

Messages in Social Media Branding

Although this is not a image, videos are very popular on social media! This video from Kate Spade New York is an ongoing “film/commercial series” the brand is promoting their products by showcasing them in these videos. Anna Kendrick has been the star of these funny but awkward videos, they are enjoyable and different. Instead of being the “cool girl”, Anna finds herself in very uncomfortable situations, her personality in these videos really reflect the quirky style of their brand! It seems that people love these videos and look forward for the next ones to follow.

I think Facebook photo Christian Louboutin promotes his new handbag, with sleek lines and a cool image they portray their brand very well. Louboutin is the ultimate designer brand, they are cool and sleek, everyone wants them, and they are very attractive, they send this message in this image.

This Sephora photo shows one of many makeup sample sets they carry. Sephora has many different products and I think that shows in all of their social media photos. They give you a taste of what is in there stores but you don’t get the full experience till you enter one! I think showing different products they carry helps promote store experience. In the comments it seems people get very excited about new products they carry.

#4 News Story

Earlier in today’s game, Ben Roethlisberger the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers experienced a left leg knee injury caused St. Louis Rams safety Mark Barron. Barron appeared to have tripped over himself at the line of scrimmage causing him to collide into Roethlisberger’s Knee.   It did not appear that Barron had any intent of purposely causing Roethlisberger’s injury. The injury is said to be a left MCL sprain. The Steelers expect Roethlisberger to be out from four to six weeks. This will force them to use their backup quarterback Michael Vick. Vick has not seen a snap this year outside of the team’s practice. Despite Roethlisberger’s injury he ended the day with 20 completions on 24 attempts. He threw for nearly 200 yards and an interception. After the injury in the 3rd quarter, Michael Vick proceeded to throw 6 times with 5 completions. He did however fumble the ball that was recovered by the Steelers. Vick will make his first start for the Steelers will be Thursday, September 10 against one of the divisional rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers depth chart may be tested in the next few weeks as they await the return of Roethlisberger. Vick, who has a history of missed games due to injury, has missed a total of 17 games in his career. The Steelers may start to ready Landry Jones, the third string quarterback, in the situation that Michael Vick also goes down with an injury. The news of Roethlisberger’s injury was first broke by CBS. It was later posted to Facebook by the NFL.

#3 Brand Utilization of Social Media

This weeks blog post is about brands that give real time updates to their customers. The first thing that came to mind was professional sports teams who promote their brand through social media! Since the season just started I wanted to elaborate on the NFL as a brand. The fans are the “customers” paying for gear and tickets for their teams – according to the NY Post the NFL franchise is worth $1.4 billion, and the 32 teams market value is $45 billion, they compare this to the worth of Starbucks. The teams tweet all year around about things happening with their own teams and around the league.

The league itself utilizes its social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for its fans. The real time updates on game days help fans (especially those playing fantasy football) know which probable players will be active, fans can also get updates on all the games because typically they are only watching one. The NFL usually posts the same things on its twitter and Facebook page – videos of highlights, injuries, scores, they also share/ retweet posts from other football related brands.

They let their fans know what is going on, but they do not reply back to the fans. Anything that needs to be addressed publicly is announced in a press conference so there is no argumentative social media , which is smart on their part since their has be a lot of controversy lately. Just like other companies the NFL utilizes a social media or PR rep for things like this so they do not dig a hole in their franchise. I think that they could have more interaction with the fans by acknowledging or retweeting what fans have shared or replied because it is not all negative comments!

Over all I think the NFL and its teams do a great job utilizing their social media pages and getting their fans excited for the games!

Viral Videos

One of my favorite YouTubers is Lauren Curtis. Lauren is a vlogs (video blogs) make up tutorials, hair tutorials, product reviews and more; her target audience is anyone who is interested in make up – her About Pages states that her videos are centered around all things beauty. A general more broad targeted video is this one called “How to cover acne/blemishes” I think this video can target anyone because almost everyone gets blemishes, even those models you see around! Her videos are great to watch because her channel has a video for almost every beauty thing you could think of. They are also very helpful, and she tires to explain every trick and problem that she faces while applying these products. This video alone has over 1 million views.

Not only does this video attract a broad audience so does her whole YouTube account. Her account has over 3 million subscribers. All of her videos are high quality, not just something that someone made on their phone or webcam, she has shown that she uses a nice video recorder so that her viewers can see what is going on. She spends most of the beginning on what she will show and if there is anything extra that the views need to know. In each video she tells you what products she uses and how to use them, she also makes a comment about the products she uses at the bottom so that it is easy for the viewer to find.

I wouldn’t consider her video/ videos as “viral” -but they are very popular! She is from Australia and I have many friends who watch her videos half way across the world!

Crisis Management

Crisis management is important because it gives you a plan on how to make a bad situation better. Social media is important during a crisis management plan  because now most people use  social media as their main source of information. Social media will reach more people than a television broadcast or a news paper post. Social media can reach anyone with an account all over the world, it is not just local.

Here is a post that illustrates how some companies have used social media in a crisis – some used it to benefit them, and one did not realize the damage it could do. Applebee’s restaurant took their crisis to Facebook by posting a status about the situation, according to a blog post by R.L. Stollar there were over 10,000 comments on the status – most of them being negative. The situation was escalated by Applebee’s arguing with others and comments which they were called out on, then they decided things were too much and just deleted the posts. Whoever was running their facebook pages did not do things in a professional manor and did not help calm things down. This is a exampling of how bad things can be if you do not have a crisis management plan or a good approach. In the other examples the companies used social media to reply to the issue and do something to correct it. These posts are issues that started on social media and caused enough uproar or got enough attention that it reached the company. By replying and solving the solution on social media those that saw  the issue also see that there was action taken by the company to find a solution.

Applebee’s Media Meltdown