I have enjoyed taking Social Media in Public Relations, I’ve learned a lot. This class helped broaden my perspective of social media and how it is used for corporations. Before I just saw the consumer side, the posts and things that are shared on facebook or twitter. This class showed me more news releases and how they are used with social media rather than traditional releases. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone going into the business world because it shows so much of the business side of social media! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to use it in my career!


Post 13

Tourism Whistler is very nontraditional and had fun with some of it’s releases! Nontraditional releases and media is very attractive to the younger audience, and if it is unique it is more likely to be shared and create a buzz. This site is definitely geared toward younger people, they seem very online savvy – it is easy to navigate and very content rich! If you are looking for something specific it doesn’t see hard to find. The images are clean, colorful and attractive, these make me more willing to read what they have to say. Their News Releases are actually Social Media Releases, with more information that will be helpful sharing it on the web. They have suggested tweets and hashtags, links to their twitter and facebook page, and the hyper links on the page make it easy to reference the pages.