Messages in Social Media Branding

Although this is not a image, videos are very popular on social media! This video from Kate Spade New York is an ongoing “film/commercial series” the brand is promoting their products by showcasing them in these videos. Anna Kendrick has been the star of these funny but awkward videos, they are enjoyable and different. Instead of being the “cool girl”, Anna finds herself in very uncomfortable situations, her personality in these videos really reflect the quirky style of their brand! It seems that people love these videos and look forward for the next ones to follow.

I think Facebook photo Christian Louboutin promotes his new handbag, with sleek lines and a cool image they portray their brand very well. Louboutin is the ultimate designer brand, they are cool and sleek, everyone wants them, and they are very attractive, they send this message in this image.

This Sephora photo shows one of many makeup sample sets they carry. Sephora has many different products and I think that shows in all of their social media photos. They give you a taste of what is in there stores but you don’t get the full experience till you enter one! I think showing different products they carry helps promote store experience. In the comments it seems people get very excited about new products they carry.


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