The New Yorker, a famous magazine, has a very content rich website. The New Yorker has a lot of white space which is easy on the eyes, and helps to focus on the content. It is very well organized with the categories at the top and articles throughout the rest of the page placed where they are easy to read. The pictures are different sizes, and are also strategically placed so they flow together and still grab your attention. The website also has links to their social media sites, placed at the top for easy access. The same fonts are used throughout the site, and it is easy to read. Sometimes websites have fonts that are unattractive to the reader. The same goes for the categories, when you click on one you want to view it is a similar layout to the home page. Very organized, and attractive to the reader. They really use the white space and fonts well, and the title of the articles are also attention grabbing.

I am a fan of The New Yorker magazine, and they really express their same style on their website! They are very good at keeping things categorized with the variety of articles. At the bottom of the page you  can find a place to sign up for their e-mail news letter, which encourages more viewer interaction. They also have a section of contributors to the site and magazine. There is a lot going on with the website but it is very well organized so it makes it easy to navigate.



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Now you can enjoy Kraft Mac and Cheese preservative free! The same great flavor without artificial preservatives and synthetic colors! “These recipe changes are the latest steps in the Kraft Mac & Cheese journey to delight consumers with on-trend updates to meet consumers’ changing lifestyles and needs.” Find our more on the link attached! We want to know what you think, please leave a comment below!

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Kraft announces their Mac and Cheese will now be preservative free! Read the facts here! #Kraft #KraftMacAndCheese #MCGOESPFREE

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St. Louis, October 10, 2015 – Zippy Shoe Company just announced their new line of shoes to hit stores this November. This new line called ZipFactor has increased comfort and support, and reduces impact on knees by 25%. Zippy Shoe Co. has created this new line based on the customer feedback they have received, designed just for the customer there will be 3 customizable designs. You can find its new and improved features here. This already successful company will be running a contest for customers to win the shoe before it comes out, more information can be found on the company’s contest page. The shoes will be available to everyone in select stores at the end of November, just in time for Black Friday.

From the twitter page: @ZippyShoeCo “Experience a new way to run #ZipFactor”

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Zippy Shoe company is excited to announce our new line of shoes: ZIPFACTOR.

Here at Zippy we care about our customers and their needs, so we have taken the feedback to create this new line for our customers! We have increased comfort and support, and with the ZipFactor we reduced impact on knees by 25%. We understand that this is a common problem for runners and athletes, also for those who wear shoes leisurely, so we wanted to create something for everyone. We made it a little lighter without sacrificing comfort so you can move your feet faster without your shoes weighing you down. There are different designs you can choose from this line:

Extra Cushion – for the outdoor runner!

Extra Light Weight – for quick movements like aerobics!

Everyday Wear – for… you guessed it… everyday wear!

Tweet or Facebook which one you would choose and you can be entered to win a free pair!

Twitter: @ZippyShoes

Facebook: Zippy Shoe Co.

You can also comment below and let us know what you want to see in our next shoe!

Each shoe will come in multiple colors or you can customize them online and have them shipped to your house! The ZipFactor line will soon be coming to stores near you, so stay posted to find out where you can purchase them!